Managed APM Services

The managed APM package is a value added layer implemented on top of your existing basic Network Monitoring/Alert infrastructure and combines the following three components:

Performance Monitoring

APSera TECH will provide 24x7 ongoing app performance management to baseline, monitor and fine tune your network and applications. With our comprehensive and one-stop dashboard showing performance parameters and alerts, you can easily identify and track your network performance.


The team at APSera TECH has decades of experience in the networking field. And this translates to knowing every potential issue and best solutions to negate their effects. When combined with performance monitoring services, APSera TECH can more effectively pinpoint your network problems and implement solutions for it.

New App Rollout Analysis

When rolling out a new app on your network, there are always unknowns that need to be factored in. APSera TECH will perform WAN Application Readiness Testing for new app rollouts, analyze and forecast bandwidth and performance and track it till deployment.