Spotlight Case Studies -Cloud/Mobile

Performance Assessment During Cloud Migration
A leading bio-tech company wanted to consolidate their five data centers into a private Cloudarchitecture. The Two major concerns were the post-migration performance of their fifty businesscritical applications and the bandwidth requirements at the current/new Cloud data centers.

A two-track assessment project was conducted - one focusing on response time analysis and the otheron bandwidth estimation, both using OPNET tools. Using ACE Analyst, the project identified whichcritical applications can be moved without much degradation and made mitigating recommendationsfor the ones that had issues. By leveraging the business group traffic flow feature in ACE Live andmanipulating server traffic flows, bandwidth estimations were provided.

The case study discusses the methodology, highlights the technical/project issues encountered, and howthose were overcome.
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iPhone Performance Analysis
The iPhone has become the smartphone of choice among many consumers and business users. The requirement of a fast response time applies equally well to a smartphone application as to a PC-based application in a wired network. There is the usual finger-pointing game because application response times are relatively slower in a mobile environment.
This briefing brings the valuable OPNET ACE analysis to the study of the common applications used on an iPhone. By creatively capturing traffic on both Wifi and 3G networks and conducting an ACE analysis, the response times are broken down into client, network, and the server components. The throughputs obtainable on an iPhone over 3G and Wifi are observed. The study helps to dispel some popular myths in the mobile arena and help increase awareness of performance issues among users and iPhone application developers.
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